When it rains…..

My suspicions were confirmed last week. My doc said my a1c went up to 9.1. She was optimistic though and knows I can get down to 7- so do I.

Now I’m focusing on being a better diabetic. I’m exercising and eating right and my goal of the month is to correct more. But something always happens that tests my strength.

I leave tomorrow for a business trip in Orlando. I’m excited and as prepared as I can be for my meetings. Haven’t packed yet, haven’t picked up my dry cleaning or done laundry. I decided to start the day with a light jog in Santa Monica with a couple friends. I got there early to pick up some stuff I needed for my trip and realized I forgot my wallet. No gas, no wallet and a huge list of stuff I need to do. I’m annoyed, but figure I can swing by my apt on my way to do everything I need to do and spend a little over an hour jogging/walking/talking and enjoying the morning.

On top of all this my laptop is broken- it won’t turn on even though it’s been charging for a couple days in preparation for my trip. Last night I got a letter from my wonderful insurance company saying that I haven’t paid for months and my policies are now cancelled. I had set up auto pay ages ago and just thought I was making my payments monthly- that was not the case.

After my work out I headed back to my car with one plan: get home, get my wallet, get gas, continue on with my busy day. Well the universe had different plans for me. My car ran out of gas. On the freeway. With no wallet. Or insurance.

Thankfully my wonderful, superhero husband works fairly close to where I was stranded and he was able to come with a gas can and a debit card and save me. As I waited for him I called my insurance company with my amazing, superhero dad conferenced in and was able to reinstate my auto and renters insurance.

Wanna make God laugh? Tell him your plans….


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