Vegas ups and downs

This weekend went by way too quickly. The first day we got to Vegas was the first OAR show. We planned on seeing them each night they were at the Brooklyn Bowl. I had a few drinks, but nothing insane. In about six hours I drank 2 beers and a vodka soda with a glass of water after the beer and before the vodka. The next morning I felt like I had been hit by a train. My BS was thankfully 84 when I woke up, and that made me happy, but I couldn’t keep anything down all day.

It might have started as a hangover, but by the end of the day I was wondering if I had gotten food poisoning. At breakfast someone said to eat greasy food, that that will kill a hangover. So I ordered greasy, cheesy eggs with hash browns and wheat toast. I had about 3 bites of egg, one look at the hash browns and 2 bites of toast. My head wouldn’t stop spinning. We were all feeling pretty sick and after breakfast went up to the room to lie down again. Within an hour, I puked up my sad attempt at breakfast. A few hours later, I tried eating couple pineapple chunks which probably wasn’t the best thing for me to eat, but for some reason was the only thing I could stomach. An hour later, sure enough I threw up again. Every time I checked my blood it was between 180 and 250. So I knew my insulin pump was good. Still not where I wanted it to be, but at least I wasn’t looking at readings of 450+ or 80 and below. After a nap we tried eating lunch. I picked a safe chicken sandwich and picked at 1/4 of it. This time I lasted about 3 hours before running to the toilet bowl. I took a couple ibuprofen and got dressed for the show because after throwing up I had convinced myself that I felt like a new woman. Everyone else had been cured of their hangovers and drinking beer and wine. Even smelling alcohol made me feel queasy so I drank club soda and picked at fresh veggies. Thank God we had a table the second night, because I couldn’t stand for very long. After about an hour I decided to go back to the room and lie down. Not something I had originally planned on doing, but I’m so glad I did. Of course I threw up immedialty, fell fast asleep and rested for about 10 hours.

Saturday was wonderful. I felt fantastic ad had a ton of energy. We walked up and down the strip, saw some really interesting people, shopped at the Miracle Mile, gambled, learned how to play Craps, and ate (and digested) food. I didn’t drink anything for the rest of the weekend except for a glass of Pino Grigio at dinner. I ordered the most delicious Salmon again I wanted something light and fresh.

The final OAR concert was amazing. I might have missed the second show, but I more than made up for it with their last show. The final Encore was Crazy Game of Poker and I just about died with excitement.

So even though I got horribly sick the second day and lost $100, I had a wonderful weekend, made new friends and got some great pictures.
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Vegas Wont Stop Me

The saying usually goes, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. But for my much needed girls weekend in Sin City, I will make healthy food choices the whole time and document my meals as best I can. I was worried at first because as much as I want to keep eating quality, fresh foods I know it’s easier said than done. Last time I went I enjoyed the biggest slice of Sicilian pizza I’ve ever seen– without taking any insulin. This time, I’ll stick to lean meats, salad and veggies. Thankfully I’m going with my wonderful college friend who will keep me in check. It might not be a week long exotic vacation, but sometimes a few days away with the people you love is all you really need.

I’ve been going over checklists in my head all week so that I don’t forget anything. To start documenting this trip right, here is what I need to bring just to help manage my diabetes:

-3 infusion sets (in case I accidentally rip one out or it malfunctions)
-3 reservoirs
-1 blue inserter
-1 bottle of Novolog insulin
-2 AAA energizer batteries
-1 syringe (in case my pump decides to stop working)
-my insulin pump belt clip
-my insulin pump leg pouch
-my one touch blood glucose monitor
-2 tubes of test strips
-my finger pricker
-extra lancets
-glucose tablets
-if I had sensors, 2 sensors and my CGM, (but I’m still waiting to receive the sensors and can’t use my CGM without them so I wont bother bringing it because I’ll probably lose it).


Wow, that’s a lot. I didn’t even realize how much stuff goes into regular day-to-day diabetes management. I’ve never thought about it before and when it’s all laid out like that it looks like I’m opening a clinic! Hopefully I have room for the 6 pairs of shoes I’m planning on bringing. I might be a diabetic, but first and foremost I’m a fashionista!

Just Keep Swimming

This week has been really difficult for me. Not only am I constantly thinking about and worrying about my blood sugar, what I’m eating, how much insulin I need, or whether or not I have time to exercise, I’ve also been stressed to the max with my job. And to top it all off, even though I called Dexcom to order more sensors almost a month ago, I finished my last sensor this week and am still waiting for new ones to be delivered. It really feels like everything is going wrong, or that I’m doing everything wrong, and I’m trying really hard not to get discouraged. Running helps, but with work as crazy as it has been, I’m finding it harder to make time for that.

What I really want, and what I truly think I need, is a vacation. A whole week off where I don’t need to think about work, or grocery shopping or cleaning my apartment or counting carbs or remembering to give myself insulin and I can just relax. Preferably on a beach. I’m so lucky to have Sean, because I’d feel twice as overwhelmed if he wasn’t always there to calm me down.

I need to try to stay positive. While that’s easier said than done, I realized today that I can only do my best. I’m not perfect, and even though I might mess up, I know 100% that I’m doing better than I was a year ago. I know that my husband, my parents, my doctors and my friends are proud of my progress and that they’re all behind me while I figure out how to manage everything. I’m not going to see results overnight. Diabetes control doesn’t work like that. I have to make smart and healthy choices to stay ahead and continue to improve.

In the meantime, I’m going to stare at this picture I took from the last time I was in Cancun, almost 5 years ago. I will keep staring at it and imagine I’m still there.

Finally… A day off

I was afraid that not posting my food choices online with pictures and carb values would make it easy to fall back into my terrible eating habits. However, since I’ve started eating better, I’ve been feeling so much better. And of course, exercise has been keeping my sugars pretty level. I didn’t really make anything new or exciting after my week of delicious, fresh diabetes friendly meals. The first night was a mish-mosh of leftovers and I quickly discovered that eggplant doesn’t keep very long. That was pretty dissapointing because it was so yummy the first time I made it. I want to keep trying new recipes though and I’ll definitely post my experiences with them!

Yesterday I spent the morning hiking to a local waterfall near my cousins house in Thousand Oaks, California. It’s was a wonderful way to get outside and spend the day with my family. We climbed some natural stairs, jumped over rocks, got yanked around by her puppies, sprinted through the trails and posed for pictures in front of the waterfall. I had so much fun and got an awesome workout. After we got back to my cousins house, we all changed into our bathing suits and jumped in the ice cold pool. It felt amazing. After our excursion, my sugars were pretty steady. I made sure to keep an eye on my sensor while we were walking and I had a half a peanut butter sandwich (one slice of potato bread-20 carbs, tablespoon of penut butter-7 carbs and no jelly) for once we got to the waterfalls. I also hiked with water and a new tube of glucose tablets.

About an hour after we got back though I saw that my BS was falling below 100. So I grabbed a small Hawaiian roll and melted some cheddar cheese on it and hoped that snack would be just what I needed to bring up my blood sugar. It did go up, but then it wouldn’t stop going up. My sugar ended up rising to about 250 and then hovered around 270 until dinner.

I also tried something I havent done since I started taking back control of my diabetes. I drank a beer. After a long, hot day hiking in the sun I decided to drink a Bud Light Lime with my dinner. I wasn’t sure how it would affect my bloodsugars and I was already around 270 before I ate, but I made sure to calculate my carbs (I ate teriaki steak and brocolli for dinner- no carbs) and I paid close attention to how I felt and what my BS was after my dinner. I’m pleased to say that my sugar stayed about the same all night even with the beer, and when I woke up this morning it was 142. I’m not going to start drinking beer every night for dinner and last night I only had one bottle, but at least I know that if I’m careful, eat pretty low carb for my meal, and make sure to count all the carbs I’m consuming, I should be ok for an occasional bottle every now and again.

Steady Saturday

My weekend came and went too quickly.  I did not like waking up to get ready for work while the rest of the world starts their weekend plans.  My sugar was steady all night though and I love that!  I had a little extra time before running out the door and was able to not only read a book (currently halfway through Wuthering Heights), but I was able to make a delicious, warm breakfast.

Morning BS reading: 137

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with Spinach, onion and cheese

-2 eggs: 0 carbs

-Sauteed spinach and onion: o carbs

-1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese: 0 carbs

-1 cup of coffee: 10 carbs


Post meal BS reading: 107

I get into work after being off for 2 days and the golf shop is a disaster.  No surprise there.  At least this mean’s I’ll be really busy for the whole day and that will hopefully make it fly by really fast.  I’ve been feeing really good these past few days, and I think that a big reason why my sugars have been so steady instead of up and down like they were last week is because I’ve been exercising more.  Granted I only worked out yesterday and Thursday, but until then my ‘workouts’ consisted of me walking up the hill to my job from the parking lot or moving boxes around in the backroom.  I love to run and go for bike rides and walk with Sean at the end of the day, so I’m definitely going to make exercise a priority. If it means my sugars will hang around 150, why wouldn’t I?

Mid day BS reading: 92 (As soon as I started work I was on my feet re-folding, re-organizing, helping members, opening boxes, cleaning out drawers)

Lunch: Cobb salad with 2 small vegetable quesadillas

-cobb salad with light dressing: 10 carbs

-2 small quesadillas with grilled vegetables (I have no idea what kind of tortillas they used, I’m assuming flour): 25 carbs


Post Meal BS reading: 319…I clearly underestimated.

It’s frustrating, but I just gotta give myself a correction and keep going on my day.  The rest of my day flew by pretty quickly.  Couldn’t wait to get home and relax again.

Dinner BS reading: 247

Dinner: Salsa chicken with nopales over salad

-1 large chicken breast cut in half (it was still a lot though and I only ate about 2/3 of it): 0 carbs

-1 cup salsa: 0 cabs

-1 cup nopales: 0 carbs

-salad with lite vinaigrette: 0 carbs


Post meal BS reading 232

Welp, cant believe the week is already over.  I don’t know mow much longer I’d be able to continue tracking my food to this degree, but I think a week is pretty good.  It has been an awesome exercise in showing me what works and what doesn’t.  I love experimenting with food and trying different things so I’m excited to keep testing out new recipes.  All of this wonderful, fresh food is making me feel so healthy.  I’m a big time planner, so figuring out what I’m going to eat for the week is my idea of fun. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the night googling different ways to cook eggplant 🙂

Foody Friday

I was afraid that the steak would have raised my blood sugar overnight, but it didn’t!!  Today was my Sunday.  I have to work tomorrow and actual Sunday so I decided to relax and sleep in a little.  I met up with a friend to go running and had a pretty stress free day.  I wanted to try something new for breakfast.  So I checked out a few foodie blogs and websites and found an awesome recipe I couldn’t wait to try.

Morning BS reading: 116

Breakfast: Apple Cheddar Popovers (I added a tablespoon of apple butter on top before I ate it)

-1 apple cheddar popover made with apple chunks, cheddar cheese, flour, egg and butter: 15 carbs

-1 tablespoon of apple butter: 10 carbs

-1 cup of coffee: 10 carbs


Post Meal BS reading: 277

I gave myself a correction bolus when I saw that my sugar was up to 277 and it started going down, then I remembered that I was meeting my friend for a run in 40 min!  So I checked my sensor, saw it was at 164, suspended my pump and drank a 1/2 cup of juice.  As I started running I saw that my sugar was 154 and going down. So I ate a few glucose tablets.  Then it went down to 143 and I ate a few more.  Then it was at 139 so I ate every single glucose tablet in my tube (all of them).  It stayed at 130-140 for pretty much the whole workout, but I kept an eye onmy sensor and would have stopped if it went any lower than that.  By the time I got home, my BS was 187.  By the time I was ready to eat lunch I saw that it had gone down a teesny bit.

Mid day BS reading: 179

Lunch: Tuna Salad on toast with cheese and avocado

-1 slice of wheat toast: 12 carbs

-2 small scoop of tuna salad (I mixed a tbsp. on mayo and a whole avocado with the tuna): 0 carbs

-1 slice cheese (I used mozz.): 0 carbs

-1/2 sliced avocado: 0 carbs


Post meal BS reading: 254- I gave myself a correction here

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill for me.  I ran a few errands and got things ready for dinner. I talked to one of my oldest friends Sarah.  She’s starting grad school in the fall and I couldn’t be prouder of her.  She is so smart and such a hard worker.  NYU better watch out!  I also reconnected with another old friend, Dakin, whom I haven’t seen in 4 years. He has big things in store as well.

Dinner BS reading: 285

Dinner: Sauteed spinach, seasoned catfish and white rice.

-1/2 cup spinach: 0 carbs

-catfish seasoned with Italian dressing: 0 carbs

-1/2 cup white rice: 16 carbs


I don’t want my weekend to end.  I know that I’m probably going to work really late tomorrow and Sunday.  For now I’m just  going to relax and watch The Jerk.


Takin it easy Thursday

This morning I woke up to a sensor fail- so annoying.  I hate changing my sensor and my insulin pump.  It doesn’t even take that long bit it’s such a pain!  Once I checked my blood though, my sugar was really good!  I guess it was the healthy dinner I had last night.  I love these kinds of mornings 🙂

Morning BS reading: 134!!!

Breakfast: Avocado Egg in a hole (I scrambeled the egg before I filled the avocado halves because the last time I tried this recipe the yoke slipped down the side of the avocado and spilled everywhere)

-1 whole avocado halved and pitted: 0 carbs

-1 scrambled egg (didn’t even use the whole egg, I had about 1/3 left in my bowl after I finished scooping egg into the avocado): 0 carbs


Post Meal BS reading: 291 (not sure why I went up so high- I literally ate no carbs)

I decided to visit my grandfather today.  He loves Subway sandwiches so I picked up a couple for us on my way to see him.  His favorite is the Spicy Italian sub with double meat and light vegetables.  I went for my usual, the Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham sub.  I alternate between that one and the veggie patty sub.  The Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham sub has 280 calories and 46 grams of carbs.  But since my sugar went so high after breakfast, I decided to only eat half the bread.

Mid-day BS reading: 222

Lunch: 6 in Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham Subway Sandwich

-1 six inch subway sandwich with only half the bread: 23 carbs

Sure doesn’t look like the commercials huh?


Post meal BS reading: 229

I haven’t really been running as often as I’d like, so I met a friend at the Santa Monica College Track and alternated between running laps and climbing stairs.  It’s good to workout with a friend because it doesn’t even feel like working out.  Before I left my BS was 212.  After an hour of exercise (I shut off my pump about 1/3 into the workout) my BS was 112.  I felt great and excited to eat dinner.

Dinner BS reading: 160

Dinner: Grilled tri-tip with stuffed mushrooms over lettuce

-3 oz tri tip marinated in Italian dressing and grilled 5 minutes on each side: o carbs

-4 stuffed mushrooms (I ate another one after I took the picture): 10 carbs

-full plate salad: 0 carbs


Post meal BS reading: 197

Such a wonderful and positive day today.  I tried a new delicious breakfast, visited with my grandfather, met with both Meg and Dr. Peters and had a fun workout.  Dr. Peters says I’m doing better (she even said I could write that in my blog)!! She adjusted my pump settings slightly and is happy with my progress.  I couldn’t get an a1c test this time, but maybe I can do one next time.  I also learned today that I need to count 10 grams of carbs for every cup of coffee I have in the morning.  That might be why my sugar goes up so high even if I don’t eat any carbs for breakfast.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Haven’t decided what I’m doing for breakfast, but I’m definitely going running again 🙂