Lettuce Wraps and Sugar Snap Peas.

It’s not as difficult to switch to low Glycemic Index foods as I thought it would be. I’ve always preferred very low-GI food anyway.  Now I make a point to search for the glycemic index number while I’m shopping. I load my cart up with fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store and I drink Shakeology every day. Lately that’s been my secret weapon. It keeps my blood sugar level and nothing else besides running everyday can do that. I don’t eat much bread or pasta to begin with and have had pizza maybe once this whole year, so I guess I gradually broke my bread addiction. I do love fruit though, and while some fruits are very low on the GI, others make my sugar spike too. If I’m running low, an orange is just as good as a coke. So I don’t eat them too often, but I will have a clementine or a small bowl of blueberries or a plum. My biggest struggle is probably overcoming my laziness and trying different veggie (non-starchy!) recipes that I love and that are diabetes friendly.

My next goal is to remember to give insulin about 15-30 min. before eating. Long gone are the days where I’d skip bolusing all together. At least I give insulin at every meal now, but sometimes I don’t bolus until after I eat, or while I’m eating. One of my good friends said the key is marrying the insulin peak time and the time when food is broken down into glucose. Easier said than done, but not impossible. Different foods break down at different times, and factors like exercise and pump site placement vary the peak time. Planning out meals during the week can help and is something I’m going to try to do.

Last night we made chicken tacos and our neighbors stopped by to join us. I brought out some lettuce leaves so I could enjoy lettuce wraps instead of having corn tortillas (both are low, lettuce is WAY lower). Even with both corn and flour tortillas to choose from, one of my neighbors chose lettuce leaves too. They’re healthy, but they’re also delicious and taste fresh and light, not ‘diet’. After the holiday, I’m going to try cauliflower crust. I see it all over Pinterest and Facebook. Maybe I can eat pizza again…

Story of my life…


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