I’m Busted

I just had my monthly endo appointment and I can honestly say it was the best one I’ve had in years. In just the few weeks I’ve started using the minimed cgm again my blood sugars have been amazing! Doc Peters said that she thought she was looking at someone else’s chart. The real reason I have been doing so well I think is because I’m checking my blood more often. That was the first thing Doc Peters had me doing when I first started seeing her a year and a half ago. I wasn’t even checking once a day, but by checking 3 times a day and not changing anything else, it brought my sugars down (to an average of 280) immediately. The more I check my blood, the more I correct, and since the minimed cgm isn’t as accurate as my old dexcom, I never bolus or correct off the sensor. It might seem that that would make my control worse, but now I’m almost forced to check my blood.  That, combined with my diabetes kit sidekick, I have everything I need. Eating better foods keeps my blood sugars from spiking and that keeps me from getting frustrated and giving up too quickly. I LOVE seeing a steady line around 150. It rarely goes over 200. I have more energy so I look forward to exercising. Everything is coming together and helping me feel (a little bit more) in control of my diabetes.

I don’t want to get too preachy. There are things that bring my BS up. I went to a Dodgers game last night and sat in the all you can eat pavilion seats. Even giving insulin 30 minutes before I started eating didn’t keep my sugar from going over 300. But this time I was prepared, I bloused, I corrected, and the next morning woke up at 140.

So I’m busted. Doc Peters knows what I’m capable of. And she doesn’t expect any less from here on out. I don’t expect any less from myself either.


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