Puppy Love

It’s been a few weeks since my last post  but it’s only because I’ve been so insanely busy. From thinking my car was stolen and then finding out it had been towed (but I was never notified). Thinking I was getting a new car and then realizing I’d be stuck with the same crummy one I had (I’m glad it was found, but really I was more upset that my bike rack was gone than my car was stolen!). Discovering that my car would cost as least $1,000 to fix and make safe again and then getting a used fully loaded volvo. My emotions have been going up and down all month and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to sit down.

I’m very blessed that my family and I are  able to figure out this whole car nightmare. I’m also glad nothing was stolen from the inside. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been relieved that my car was gone. There are so many issues that have come up with the Versa in the last year. My immediate thought after “Crap! Someone stole my car!”, was, “good riddance!”. Now the plan is to either fix it and sell it or sell it as is just to be done with it. But either way, this whole ordeal has definitely stressed me out and made me high. Not good.

Then a couple weeks ago, for my birthday, my sweet sweet husband got me something that I’ve wanted for years….a puppy!


His name is Wilfred, and he is the cutest, softest, sweetest, friendliest dog in the world. Because of him I’m walking about 2 hours a day. 30 min in the morning, 30 min at night and about 1 hours (sometimes broken up into 2 walks) during the day. I still go for bike rides and hikes and runs. It’s too hot right now to bring him with me, but once it cools down, I’ll have a new hiking / running buddy! Already I can tell that my stress levels have gone down. Ve also lost about 8 lbs. Here I was spending so much time working out like a maniac and all I had to do was go on a few walks a day! I’m able to bring him to work with me so for the most part, he comes with me everywhere I go. I’m looking into training him to be a diabetic alert dog so that I can bring him everywhere else.

Last week I had my monthly appointment with my endo and found out that my a1c finally broke 8!!! I’m officially (as of Tuesday) at a 7.9. I told my doctor that she needs to tell all her patients to get a dog! That, combined with eating low GI foods, has completely changed my diabetes management. I’m beginning to think I’ll be at a 7 in no time!!!




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