Structure, schedules, planning

I learned fairly quickly that one of the best ways to maintain normal blood sugars is to have a structured schedule and stick to it. Fortunately my job is such that I can have a regular breakfast around the same time everyday, low carb snacks throughout the day, my shakeology for lunch and then I’m done and home in time to make a healthy dinner. But the summer has been really busy for me and this past month has turned my schedule upside down and inside out. I haven’t been able to make shakeology for almost 3 weeks and that one thing completely threw my blood sugars off. With more hours, I’ve been more stressed and that also throws my blood sugars off. They’re not as bad as they used to be, but I’m spending more time in the high 100’s, low 200’s than I’d like. At least when I do go over 300, I don’t stay there as long. This week my schedule is back to normal and should be for a while. I’m going to work on bringing my numbers back down. Thankfully I’m still a couple months away from checking my a1c, so I have time to ‘fix’ it. It’s still frustrating though. My doctor was so happy during my last appointment, and I know she’s not going to be mad at me for having a crazy schedule and working non-stop, but I’m mad at me for not being able to juggle everything.

My new puppy Wilfred definitely helps keep me in check. One look at that scruffy face and I feel so much better.


I promise I won’t post pictures of my dog every blog post. He definitely keeps me moving though! On days that I’m feeling super bummed because my blood sugars have been high, or my sensor is being wacky all I wanna do is sleep (or hide) under the covers and watch terrible movies and eat popcorn. But Wilfred depends on me to exercise him, train him, feed him and love him. I may have rescued him, but he’s also rescued me–pretty sure I saw that on a bumper sticker somewhere but for now I’ll claim it as my own!

So for now I’ll fake positivity, I’ll get back into my routine (my mom is visiting for a few weeks so that should be pretty easy!), and I’ll bring my numbers down!


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