Wrapping it up

I can’t remember the last time I sat down to write a blog post. I feel terrible about it. With a new dog/ dog training, and the holidays, plus my non-stop job search, it appears I’ve put my blog on the back burner. One thing I haven’t done is put my diabetes on the back burner. We are almost halfway through December and the last time I checked my a1c I was down to 7.7. I’m still not at my goal, but I’m so close I have no doubt that I’ll reach it! I don’t check my a1c this month. I will need to wait until January’s appointment but hopefully it will be even better. 

I worry that it either hasn’t moved or its gone up a bit because I’ve been incredibly stressed the last couple months. Searching for a job is hard work. Fine tuning your resume and writing brilliant covers letters is not an easy task. And it takes a lot of work! I met with Donna Miller, the amazing RN/CDE/lifesaver at my endo’s office and she made me feel a lot better. I need to take care of myself now because when I do find that amazing new job I need to already have a working routine for my diabetes. 

I’ve learned that bolusing 15-30 minutes before eating really helps. Sound advice that my endo has told me repeatedly but I’m just now listening to. I’m beginning to notice a pattern. It’s tough when I’m starving or when I don’t know what I’m eating right away. But most of the time I can handle waiting a bit before chowing down.

The second thing I’m focusing on now is pretty much what I always focus on. Making the right choices with what I eat. During the holidays that’s easier said than done. I allow myself a little bit extra on Thanksgiving or Christmas because for the most part, I’m really careful every other day. I’m still eating low carb and low glycemic foods. However, I haven’t used my cookbook hardly at all. Hoping to change that before 2015 comes to a close, but even if I don’t, I can always just make that my 2016 New Years resolution!

And now for the obligatory dog photo…

That was after a 5 mile run. Knocked out!


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