Holiday blinders

I love this time of year. For as long as I can remember, summertime is my time. After kicking off the season with Memorial day we have the fourth of July, my anniversary is a couple weeks later, my birthday a month after that and we close the season out with one last Labor Day bash. Friends, family, bbq’s, fireworks, beer, summer treats, deliciously warm summer weather- what more could you ask for?

Growing up the Fourth of July was always a big deal. We would do our own fireworks show, catch fireflies and grill burgers. One thing each celebration included was delicious desserts. Ice cream, pie, cake, cookies, brownies, candy; you name it, we had it. Then the delicious treats would continue into August where I inevitably spend a week celebrating my birthday with my favorite cake (German Chocolate), my favorite cookies (Snicker-doodles), my favorite frozen treat (mint chocolate chip ice cream) and my favorite candy (it’s a toss up between SweetTarts and See’s truffles). Enjoying dessert with type 1 diabetes can be a challenge. I never know exactly how many carbs to count for and most of the time simple sugars make me spike even when I do know and bolus correctly. Enjoying dessert with type 1 diabetes while pregnant is almost too risky to attempt.

While some people will advise to not deny yourself of something completely because you risk binging on it at some point, I have put on what I like to call my holiday blinders. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would absolutely treat myself. Sometimes a spike is worth it (I’m looking at you Eclaire cake!). But for the next few months, I am doing everything I can to keep baby boy Keller healthy. Than means, unfortunately, no Strawberry Sour Cream Cake for me (sounds weird, but I promise- delicious and refreshing!). I just can’t justify the spike because I almost always stay high for hours and that really freaks me out. This year I am putting on my blinders and settling for some measured strawberries with exactly 2 tablespoons of whipped cream, or carefully calculated treats only when my blood sugar is severely low (which isn’t happening much these days…).

My dessert sacrifice is 100% worth it. I’ve heard from other type 1 mama’s that once the baby is born blood sugars run extremely low, so I will happily hold off on my sweet summertime treats until September.


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