Finally… A day off

I was afraid that not posting my food choices online with pictures and carb values would make it easy to fall back into my terrible eating habits. However, since I’ve started eating better, I’ve been feeling so much better. And of course, exercise has been keeping my sugars pretty level. I didn’t really make anything new or exciting after my week of delicious, fresh diabetes friendly meals. The first night was a mish-mosh of leftovers and I quickly discovered that eggplant doesn’t keep very long. That was pretty dissapointing because it was so yummy the first time I made it. I want to keep trying new recipes though and I’ll definitely post my experiences with them!

Yesterday I spent the morning hiking to a local waterfall near my cousins house in Thousand Oaks, California. It’s was a wonderful way to get outside and spend the day with my family. We climbed some natural stairs, jumped over rocks, got yanked around by her puppies, sprinted through the trails and posed for pictures in front of the waterfall. I had so much fun and got an awesome workout. After we got back to my cousins house, we all changed into our bathing suits and jumped in the ice cold pool. It felt amazing. After our excursion, my sugars were pretty steady. I made sure to keep an eye on my sensor while we were walking and I had a half a peanut butter sandwich (one slice of potato bread-20 carbs, tablespoon of penut butter-7 carbs and no jelly) for once we got to the waterfalls. I also hiked with water and a new tube of glucose tablets.

About an hour after we got back though I saw that my BS was falling below 100. So I grabbed a small Hawaiian roll and melted some cheddar cheese on it and hoped that snack would be just what I needed to bring up my blood sugar. It did go up, but then it wouldn’t stop going up. My sugar ended up rising to about 250 and then hovered around 270 until dinner.

I also tried something I havent done since I started taking back control of my diabetes. I drank a beer. After a long, hot day hiking in the sun I decided to drink a Bud Light Lime with my dinner. I wasn’t sure how it would affect my bloodsugars and I was already around 270 before I ate, but I made sure to calculate my carbs (I ate teriaki steak and brocolli for dinner- no carbs) and I paid close attention to how I felt and what my BS was after my dinner. I’m pleased to say that my sugar stayed about the same all night even with the beer, and when I woke up this morning it was 142. I’m not going to start drinking beer every night for dinner and last night I only had one bottle, but at least I know that if I’m careful, eat pretty low carb for my meal, and make sure to count all the carbs I’m consuming, I should be ok for an occasional bottle every now and again.


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