Vegas ups and downs

This weekend went by way too quickly. The first day we got to Vegas was the first OAR show. We planned on seeing them each night they were at the Brooklyn Bowl. I had a few drinks, but nothing insane. In about six hours I drank 2 beers and a vodka soda with a glass of water after the beer and before the vodka. The next morning I felt like I had been hit by a train. My BS was thankfully 84 when I woke up, and that made me happy, but I couldn’t keep anything down all day.

It might have started as a hangover, but by the end of the day I was wondering if I had gotten food poisoning. At breakfast someone said to eat greasy food, that that will kill a hangover. So I ordered greasy, cheesy eggs with hash browns and wheat toast. I had about 3 bites of egg, one look at the hash browns and 2 bites of toast. My head wouldn’t stop spinning. We were all feeling pretty sick and after breakfast went up to the room to lie down again. Within an hour, I puked up my sad attempt at breakfast. A few hours later, I tried eating couple pineapple chunks which probably wasn’t the best thing for me to eat, but for some reason was the only thing I could stomach. An hour later, sure enough I threw up again. Every time I checked my blood it was between 180 and 250. So I knew my insulin pump was good. Still not where I wanted it to be, but at least I wasn’t looking at readings of 450+ or 80 and below. After a nap we tried eating lunch. I picked a safe chicken sandwich and picked at 1/4 of it. This time I lasted about 3 hours before running to the toilet bowl. I took a couple ibuprofen and got dressed for the show because after throwing up I had convinced myself that I felt like a new woman. Everyone else had been cured of their hangovers and drinking beer and wine. Even smelling alcohol made me feel queasy so I drank club soda and picked at fresh veggies. Thank God we had a table the second night, because I couldn’t stand for very long. After about an hour I decided to go back to the room and lie down. Not something I had originally planned on doing, but I’m so glad I did. Of course I threw up immedialty, fell fast asleep and rested for about 10 hours.

Saturday was wonderful. I felt fantastic ad had a ton of energy. We walked up and down the strip, saw some really interesting people, shopped at the Miracle Mile, gambled, learned how to play Craps, and ate (and digested) food. I didn’t drink anything for the rest of the weekend except for a glass of Pino Grigio at dinner. I ordered the most delicious Salmon again I wanted something light and fresh.

The final OAR concert was amazing. I might have missed the second show, but I more than made up for it with their last show. The final Encore was Crazy Game of Poker and I just about died with excitement.

So even though I got horribly sick the second day and lost $100, I had a wonderful weekend, made new friends and got some great pictures.
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