Miles Away

It’s been too long since I enjoyed Los Angeles.  I live here and work here, but I needed to get out and appreciate it’s beauty.  Since I wasn’t able to hike or run in Vegas I was eager to get back into motion in LA.  Luckily I had the next day off after I got back from my girls weekend so I slept in, ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, salsa, shredded cheese and avocado with Sean and got ready for an adventure to Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades.

I met up with a few friends at Pacific Palisades High School.  My blood sugar was 237.  With my glucose in hand I made my way up the Canyon.  It was hot,and humid, but the hike up was breathtaking.  I felt so great hiking up the Canyon.  I made sure to stay at a conversation pace and chatted with my friends.  Even though I was minutes away from Downtown Santa Monica it seemed like I was hundreds of miles outside of Los Angeles.  The only thing that made me nervous about the hike, besides rattle snakes, was the fact that I did not have my CGM.  I’m so used to just looking at my sensor and seeing where my blood sugar has been and where it is going.  Not having access to  this information that quickly is frustrating.  I made sure that I hiked with my blood glucose monitor and checked my blood right before and right after my work out.  I probably should have checked again once I reached the top, but I was way too distracted by the amazing views.

The hike down was obviously much easier than the hike up.  It went by quickly because we were all chatting the entire way down.  I loved breathing in the fresh air and surrounding myself with trees and sky and dirt. If I had time I would hike Temescal Canyon everyday.  The rest of the week I knew I would be spending my entire day at work so I wanted to make sure I spent as much time outside as I could.  Once I got to my car my blood sugar was 56.  I ate a few glucose tablets, waited until my sugar started going up and went home.

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day routine of work and sleep, work and sleep, work and sleep.  The days are getting longer so I’m staying at work later and finding less and less time to get outside and get moving.






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