Taco Tuesday

I got to sleep in this morning!  And by sleep in that means I woke up at 8:40.  But since I had been waking up between 4:30 and 5 every morning last week those extra 4 hours felt amazing.

Breakfast: Hawaiian Bread French Toast

Pre-meal BS reading: 228

Post-meal BS reading: 247



-2 small (thin) slices of Hawaiian bread (I changed the recipe slightly)

-2 eggs beaten

-1 cup sliced strawberries


-2 tbsp.’s whipped cream

I loved this breakfast! While it might not be low on the glycemic index, it is delicious and has less than 30 grams of carbs.  I added a couple tablespoons of whipped cream which has 2 grams of carbs so instead of giving myself insulin for 26.5 carbs (which was what was written in the recipe), I gave myself insulin for 29.  Hubby loved it too.  I have a feeling I’m going to be making this breakfast a lot.

Lunch: Ground Turkey taco

Pre-meal BS reading: 338

Post-meal BS reading: 347



-one corn tortilla

-one tbsp. refried beans

-1/4 cup ground turkey and whole wheat rice

-1/4 cup bell pepper and onions

-1 tbsp. sour cream

-1/2 avocado

Not sure why my BS spiked so high.  I changed my insulin pump right before I ate breakfast, so that might have something to do with it.  For lunch I decided to use the extra ground turkey and rice in tacos.  I heated up some refried beans my grandfather made for me and sautéed some bell pepper and onion.  I used one corn tortilla which only has 8 carbs and added a tablespoon of sour cream and half an avocado.  It was very filling and delicious.  Sean had 2 tacos, I only had one.  I calculated about 25 carbs for the whole thing.

Dinner: Grilled Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

Pre-meal BS reading: 212

Post-meal BS reading: 240



-Salmon fillet

-Brussels Sprouts

-Lemon (I generally don’t like orange that much so I swapped it for lemon)

-Black pepper

-Olive oil

I really enjoyed my dinner.  I changed the recipes slightly and used a grill my parents got me a few months ago.  I brushed the lemon and pepper marinade on the salmon before grilling and put the Brussels Sprouts in a think aluminum foil packet with pepper, lemon and olive oil and cooked both the salmon and the Brussels sprouts for 10 minutes. Everything was cooked perfectly and I don’t think I’ll every cook Brussels sprouts any other way.  I calculated about 25 grams of carbs for everything.  Meg told me that 1 cup of cooked veggies is about 15 grams of carbs.  The Salmon recipe says it has 12 grams of carbs, but I’m thinking it’s because it uses orange and orange juice.  I switched it to lemon and ate about 3/4 cup of Brussels sprouts.  If I’m wrong I’ll be able to tell before I go to bed. ** Note, I did not eat the lemon**

All in all I’ve had a pretty great day.  I met with Dr. Peters to go over my progress and she says I’m doing better.  She knows that I’m really trying hard to bring my a1c down and knows how tired I am of feeling sick.  The main thing I took away from our meeting today is that I need to check my blood about 1 to 2 hours after giving myself a correction or eating to bring my blood sugar up.  I also need to monitor what my sensor says more than just at meal times and give myself small corrections throughout the day when I see that my blood sugar is running high.

Sean came with me to my appointment today and we talked about where I need to be before we start trying to have kids.  Right now kids are far into our future, but Sean and I had been talking about it last week and he was concerned about what would happen to me and our baby once we did get pregnant.  Dr. Peters told us that my a1c would have to be below 6.5 before we could even conceive and it would have to stay below 6 throughout the pregnancy.  Right now my a1c is 10, so I have a long way to go- but I’m fine with that.  She is helping me eek down my a1c slowly so that I don’t feel even more sick than I usually do.  Sean and I are not planning on expanding our family any time soon, and to be honest, I’m really happy with our small family of 2.  Even if I didn’t have diabetes, right now isn’t the time to have kids.  But it was nice to hear Dr. peters say that she believes that I can do it when I’m ready and that she has helped plenty of women have healthy babies.  All I need to do is follow everything she says the entire time, and I’m 100% ok with that.  That’s pretty much what I’m ding now anyway!

So for now, I’m going to watch a movie with Sean, relax for the night and enjoy some me time.


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