Let’s just keep piling it on!

As if working full time at one of the busiest country clubs in the country during the busiest season of the year and still finding time to manage my diabetes (also a full time job) wasn’t difficult enough, I’ve decided that on top of all of that, I’m also going to run a golf tournament with proceeds benefitting the JDRF.

The idea to do a golf tournament wasn’t hard to come up with.  My husband and I both work in the golf industry.  And he happens to be the Assistant General Manager at one of the busiest and nicest driving ranges in all of Los Angeles, so Westchester Golf Course and Driving Range was the obvious choice (also my club doesn’t allow charity tournaments).  So now I’ve given myself the task of planning a tournament.  Now my days off are filled with organizing teams, creating printouts and fliers, scheduling food and prize donations, bargaining down the registration price at the course and setting up a donation website.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be busy.  And I’d rather be busy doing something to help find a cure for this terrible disease than be busy doing anything else. It’s amazing how people will come together to help out in any way.  Even some of my friends who don’t play golf want to get involved!

At this point I’m just winging it.  I’ve been involved with enough tournaments to know what goes on behind the scenes, and I’ve volunteered for enough Walks for Diabetes to know what JDRF needs as well. I’m just praying that everything comes together. Right now I’m working with the customer service people at JDRF to customize my event website.  As soon as It’s up and running I’ll be able to post it to facebook, my blog and include it on my fliers.  I just gotta get the word out!



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