9.2 baby!!

The past couple months have been completely insane at work.  The first week of July I worked about 74 hours and now, every weekend there is another tournament or golf camp that leaves me feeling exhausted once I get home.  I was really worried that this would reflect in my a1c.  As hard as I try to eat the right things, when I’m running around and on my feet all day, I pretty much eat whatever I can, whenever I can.  But in the few days that I have a break from work or the days I get to work a regular 8 hour shift, I make sure to plan my meals and exercise accordingly.  I got this awesome cookbook that I absolutely love called the ‘Lower you Bloodsugar Bible’.  It has some really great recipes and the carb information included with each one.  I also get daily diabetic recipes from my sweet mother.  At the beginning of the week (or on one of my rare days off) I’ll pick about 5 meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and go to the grocery store to buy everything I need all at once.  It’s really effective because I know I wont be rushing to the store every day and I know exactly what I’m having for dinner/breakfast every night of the week.  I try and stick to meals that have between 20 and 30 grams of carbs.  My favorites are crockpot meals that take almost no work.

I’m also trying to get some kind of cardio activity in every day.  Even if it’s just swimming a few laps in the pool or going to the gym in my apartment before work.  I love to run and I’m eager to try kickboxing.  I haven’t had the time off in my schedule to go to a ballet lesson all month, but I can always pick it back up again once my schedule calms down.  As long as I can carve out 30 minutes to an hour in my day to do something active, I know that my bloodsugar will stay pretty steady.

Last week I had my monthly appointment with my endo, and surprisingly my a1c has crept down to 9.2! Clearly what I’m doing is working.  I might not be perfect but I want to hit 7 so badly so I’m trying to be!  I’m doing everything that Dr. Peters tells me to. She can tell that I’m working really hard and this was the first appointment all year that she didn’t have to adjust my settings all that much.  She just told me to make sure that I bolus for carbs at every meal (sometimes I forget, especially when working 13 hours a day for 6 days straight) and that I keep checking my sensor after I eat so I can correct it if it starts climbing too high.

I’ve found that I don’t even miss high carb snacks like cookies and brownies and cake all that much.  I also don’t really eat bread anymore, and if I do it’s one slice with peanut butter or a half an English Muffin with breakfast.  I don’t even crave pizza or pasta anymore.  Yes it still smells really good and I’d be lying if I said that walking past a pizza place doesn’t make my mouth water, but I don’t need it.  It makes me feel crappy and sick.  Now I’m craving fruit and veggies and I’m turning into a bit of a health nut.  Thank you to my wonderful wonderful husband for putting up with me.

I’m hoping that when I check my a1c in October, it will be in the low 8’s!


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