Five Things

2015 has had a bit of a rocky start, and high stress situations don’t really bode well for diabetes management. I feel like I have hit a diabetes plateau. I have some really good days, and still some, what I like to call, see-saw days. While I’ve become an expert on what I need to do to regulate my blood sugars, I ‘forget’ in the moment (aka, decide that whatever else I’m doing is more important), and end up cutting corners. So I try to eat better, healthier, more quality foods. I set reminders to check my blood and set aside at least 30 minutes to exercise everyday. And that lasts for about a week. And then I buy greasy, salty, delicious, handmade pita chips and convince myself that cleaning my apartment is the same thing as exercising.

I went through some of my old notes with the amazing nutritionist I was seeing last year. I revisited some great recipes and decided to try and eat mostly foods that are low on the Glycemic Index. These foods do have carbohydrates, but they take a long time to digest and therefore don’t spike blood sugars like other foods can. I got the GI list months ago, but didn’t utilize it. At the grocery store, I tried to remember which foods were lower than others, and for the most part, I succeeded, but it was always a half-assed attempt.

I’m tired of my a1c hovering around 8.5.  It’s been the same since November/December. So I made a new promise to myself, a mid-year resolution. I’m going to bring my a1c to < 7 by the end of the year.

I’m going to bring focus back to the foods I eat, are they quality foods; and regular exercise, for at least 30 min. each day.

I’m going to start using the 530 G minimed pump with the sensor feature included. I tried this about 6 years ago and hated it, but I’ve been assured that updates and changes since then have made it much more reliable and easier to use.

In addition to seeing Doc. Peters monthly, I’m going to start seeing Donna Miller, her nurse practitioner, and hopefully bring my a1c down safely.

I’m going to organize a diabetes bag so that I never run out of supplies ever again. I’m embarrassed to say that this happens more than I’d like to admit.

I’m going to qualify for pump studies, approved by my doctor, so that I can get free testing/pump/sensor supplies or better yet, money!

I’m going to bring down my a1c to <7.


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