Let’s try this again

Step 1 towards <7 a1c:

Today is the first day with my new sensor. Applying it definitely didn’t hurt as much as it used to. I just remember how awkward it was and scared that I didn’t have it set at the right angle. Now, the inserter is much more user friendly, like a bigger version of the minimed insulin pump inserter. I know I’ll get used to it. For the first day, I carried my meter around with me so I can check the accuracy. I’m used to Dexcom’s readings being so precise and in the past, every time I calibrated my minimed sensor before, it was always at least 20 units off.

A couple things I’ve discovered, first, working out right after calibrating isn’t a good idea. My sensor read 170 and dropping right after my run and 150 after my shower (I probably should have checked the accuracy with my meter right after my workout- forgot), and when I checked it, my reading was actually 65. Frustrating, but I ate a snack and calibrated again. I figured my blood sugar was falling fast and my sensor couldn’t keep up. Then a few hours later, my sensor just fell off. It didn’t rip out or get caught on anything, it just unstuck from my site. I’m thinking the heat had something to do with it and the Nexcare bandage I used to keep it in place wasn’t completely centered. All learning experiences.

Step 2: Organize my diabetes bag. I’m ordering extra infusion set and reservoir inserters, but for now I’ll keep the ones I have on me at all times. I also included alcohol wipes, test strips, glucose tabs, lancets (15), syringes (2), insulin, a battery, my meter, a large nexcare bandage, extra infusion set and reservoir, an extra sensor and keytones strips. No excuses now.

Tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping 🙂


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