The Most Important Part of the Day

I know my blood sugars aren’t going to be perfect everyday. Hi’s are a part of life, but it is frustrating when my number gets hi and stays hi no matter what I do. I ate the same foods, checked my blood and bloused like I’ve been doing but for the past couple nights, my sugar wont go below 250. I changed my site, and then changed it again but my numbers still see-saw. And then I realized that I haven’t had Shakeology in about 3 days. My secret weapon to stability. I always go on and on to whoever will listen about how wonderful Shakeology is and how much it has helped me. How could I have completely forgotten about it?

I’m staying positive because I know that I’ll always have good days and bad days. Good weeks, bad weeks. They’re all learning experiences. For instance, I’ve re-discovered how crucial Shakeology is to a lower a1c. I’m not forgetting my shake tomorrow.


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