Doing it My Way

As much as I love routine and structure, sometime it’s nice to mix things up. I celebrated my second anniversary with my hubby last night. We went to an amazing restaurant on the water. Originally, I was concerned that my blood sugar would spike. I’ve never been great at estimating carbs in restaurant food. But I didn’t spike as high as I thought I would. I went up to about 250 and hovered around there a bit before coming back down this morning. I did have bread (who could resist!!), and I bloused for my meal about 30 min before we started eating. I started to go low (92 and dropping) right as our appetizers arrived. I also tried to eat low glycemic index foods. I had salad, ahi tuna, calamari, and a petit filet with a side of snap peas. We didn’t get dessert, although all of them sounded delicious. I also didn’t eat everything off my plate, so I didn’t leave the restaurant feeling like I overdid it.

This morning I woke up feeling fantastic! I had an amazing anniversary with the most amazing husband 🙂 and I didn’t let my diabetes get in the way at all. I had all my supplies with me, just in the car. I checked often, and even though I started going up, I knew I would come back down 🙂


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