Bringing it Back to Food

This past weekend was tough.  My mom went back home to Connecticut on Saturday and I’m not going to be able to see her again until September, and even then it will only be for a few days.  I feel like I didn’t have enough time with her.  I work so much and have the weirdest hours so even though I’d go visit work almost everyday, it just wasn’t enough.  She felt it necessary to visit with her siblings and my grandfather and clearly didn’t realize that the only reason she was in California in the first place was to hang out with me! And to make matters worse, now that I don’t have my mom’s amazing food and wonderful recipes, I have actually plan and cook for myself!

A few months ago I forced myself to experiment with a lot of great new ‘diabetic’ recipes when I tracked my food on my blog, so I decided that it’s time to break out the camera and document my blood sugars, and my meals again.  This time around I’m going to be more organized.  I’ve spent the past couple days researching different recipes and picking a mix of meals that I’m excited to learn how to make and curious to try.  The only thing I’ll miss is having my mom try everything, although I’d probably never willingly pick my prepared food over hers, nor would I expect her to pick it either.

I also started slacking slightly with exercise and in the past 3 weeks have gone to a few ballet classes and got for maybe 2 runs.  In 21 days I’ve worked out maybe 5 or 6 times total.  I’m excited to keep taking ballet classes though.  The first one was great and I felt like everything I had learned 15 years ago was slowly coming back.  But the next class I took was very overwhelming.  Instead of just 2 or 3 students, there were at least 10 and everyone knew what they were doing.  Well that’s not completely true, but I felt like I was the only person staring at my feet the whole time.  And I couldn’t for the life of me remember where to hold my arms.  It was not graceful.  So when I went last week I felt confident that I could really pick it up again, but I completely overestimated my dancing skills.  I was still in over my head.  Luckily the other women taking the classes with me are very nice and the instructors are so so patient.

This next week is going to be really busy, but not because I’m working 3 golf tournaments in a row and planning trunk shows and vendor meetings, but because I’m going to try to step outside the box and find delicious, healthy, diabetic-friendly (god I hate that phrase) meals that help me stay on track.  I have my new transmitter, new sensors, test strips, glucose tablets and insulin so I have no excuse.


Takin it easy Thursday

This morning I woke up to a sensor fail- so annoying.  I hate changing my sensor and my insulin pump.  It doesn’t even take that long bit it’s such a pain!  Once I checked my blood though, my sugar was really good!  I guess it was the healthy dinner I had last night.  I love these kinds of mornings 🙂

Morning BS reading: 134!!!

Breakfast: Avocado Egg in a hole (I scrambeled the egg before I filled the avocado halves because the last time I tried this recipe the yoke slipped down the side of the avocado and spilled everywhere)

-1 whole avocado halved and pitted: 0 carbs

-1 scrambled egg (didn’t even use the whole egg, I had about 1/3 left in my bowl after I finished scooping egg into the avocado): 0 carbs


Post Meal BS reading: 291 (not sure why I went up so high- I literally ate no carbs)

I decided to visit my grandfather today.  He loves Subway sandwiches so I picked up a couple for us on my way to see him.  His favorite is the Spicy Italian sub with double meat and light vegetables.  I went for my usual, the Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham sub.  I alternate between that one and the veggie patty sub.  The Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham sub has 280 calories and 46 grams of carbs.  But since my sugar went so high after breakfast, I decided to only eat half the bread.

Mid-day BS reading: 222

Lunch: 6 in Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham Subway Sandwich

-1 six inch subway sandwich with only half the bread: 23 carbs

Sure doesn’t look like the commercials huh?


Post meal BS reading: 229

I haven’t really been running as often as I’d like, so I met a friend at the Santa Monica College Track and alternated between running laps and climbing stairs.  It’s good to workout with a friend because it doesn’t even feel like working out.  Before I left my BS was 212.  After an hour of exercise (I shut off my pump about 1/3 into the workout) my BS was 112.  I felt great and excited to eat dinner.

Dinner BS reading: 160

Dinner: Grilled tri-tip with stuffed mushrooms over lettuce

-3 oz tri tip marinated in Italian dressing and grilled 5 minutes on each side: o carbs

-4 stuffed mushrooms (I ate another one after I took the picture): 10 carbs

-full plate salad: 0 carbs


Post meal BS reading: 197

Such a wonderful and positive day today.  I tried a new delicious breakfast, visited with my grandfather, met with both Meg and Dr. Peters and had a fun workout.  Dr. Peters says I’m doing better (she even said I could write that in my blog)!! She adjusted my pump settings slightly and is happy with my progress.  I couldn’t get an a1c test this time, but maybe I can do one next time.  I also learned today that I need to count 10 grams of carbs for every cup of coffee I have in the morning.  That might be why my sugar goes up so high even if I don’t eat any carbs for breakfast.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Haven’t decided what I’m doing for breakfast, but I’m definitely going running again 🙂