I’m a 10!

I had my May doctors appointment this week and I feel fantastic! I figured that not having a sensor all month would reflect a higher a1c, but surprisingly I went from a 10.3 to a 10 despite not having sensors, getting food poisoning and working approximately 50 hours in 4 days last week.

I gotta say that this has been a very challenging month. I would have liked to have used my sensor (especially during one of the busiest tournaments at my work) but Dexcom made that impossible. I called them over a month ago to get more sensors with only 2 left (which lasts roughly 2 weeks). After calling once a week and finally getting one of their lovely territory managers involved I received a 3 month supply on Wednesday.

Being sick for a whole day when I was in Vegas really took it’s toll on me and it took a while to recover from that. So working as much as I did last week didn’t really help that. I found myself in a constant bad mood, always tired, and I just felt really crummy. Unfortunately I took out my frustration with Dexcom, work and my diabetes on the people closest to me. Mainly my wonderful, patient, sweet and loving husband. I work in the customer service industry and last week I just had no patience. It’s a good thing my supervisor gave me 2 days off back to back at the beginning of this week. I really needed the time to relax and just hit my reset button. I needed to get back to feeling like myself again.

When I went to my appointment on Monday, I was afraid to check my a1c. I said I would do it at my last appointment though, so I knew I just had to get it over with. I had lost a couple pounds since April (113 in April and 111 in May) so I just knew my a1c would be higher.

Dr. Peters and I were completely shocked when we saw that it went down to 10. It might not be as big a difference as it was the last time I checked it, but we are taking baby steps and making progress. She says I’m a very unusual patient and that she loves having me as a project. I love having a doctor who cares about lowering my a1c as much as I do.

My job for this next month is to eat more carbs. I need to eat about 30g per meal and 100g per day. I can eat more fruits and veggies (I don’t have to eat more refined carbs like bread and pasta- which is good because I always feel sick after I eat those foods) I just have to make sure to calculate for all carbs that I do eat. Now that I can use my sensor again I’m going to make sure to check it closely after I eat and adjust accordingly. Right now though, my main focus is spending time with my mom. I haven’t seen her in months and she lives so far away and she’s coming to visit for 6 weeks!! If I don’t post for a while it’s because my mom and I are going to be going on shopping sprees and getting our nails done!



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