Interrupted Workouts

I hate it. I just wish that I didn’t have to keep diabetes in the back of my mind all the time. I would like a day off from testing and calculating and remembering blouses. I had the whole day off today. No plans all morning or afternoon. I had nothing until late this evening. This past weekend I had decided to go for an easy 4 mile run today. That’s 2 times around Cheviot Hills park. But I’d make it more interesting by riding my bike the 1.7 miles to the park, so roughly 3 miles. Nothing too outrageous. I planned to take breaks and stretch, I had my sensor to monitor my blood sugar, I brought glucose tablets and my iPhone. I was all set.

At around 10 this morning I make sure my bike tires are pumped, I check my blood- 236 and trending up. Perfect. I leave my pump on and head out the door.

The route to the park is tough. It’s mostly up hill and I adjust the gears a few times to help me get there, but overall the ride is nice and the wind feels good against my face. Once I get to the park I lock up my bike and check my sensor. 198 and trending down. Still good. I don’t want it too low before my run. I stretch for about 5 minutes and start out with a slow jog but I pick up the pace a bit as I go. My sensor doesn’t leave my hand and I check to make sure my BS is ok. It goes down to 184 and then 177 and by the time I’m done with my first loop it’s 154 and trending down quickly. I stop, stretch again and eat 4 glucose tablets. I wait about 10 minutes and it’s still trending down. Double arrows pointing down. It doesn’t look good.

Once I get to 132 I give up any hope for a second loop, unlock my bike and head home. My workout that I had been looking forward to all weekend was just cut short because of my stupid disease. The ride back is easier as it’s all downhill but scary. My sugar won’t slow down and I know that there is a 20 minute delay on the sensor so it could be even lower than what it’s registering at. Once I get into my apartment I’m at 106 and still going down. I drink about half of a small glass of regular soda and make egg beaters scrambled eggs with spinach (my fridge is hopelessly empty at the moment) about 30 minutes later it’s 260 and shooting up. I want to cry. After my shower I’m at 368. Today has been a roller coaster.


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