Read the Coke Can

At lunch today I decided to treat myself to a soda. I try not to buy too many at work but it was a beautiful day, I woke up and felt really good, got a lot done before I had to go to work and decided to splurge on a diet coke. I got excited when I saw an new option for Sprite Zero. Perfect! I love Diet Sprite Sprite Zero might be even better!

I feed the machine 75cents, grab my drink and head to the employee lounge to read my nook. 30 minutes go by while I read and sip and talk to my co-workers.

Once I get back to the golf shop, after I’ve already drank most of the can I realize that I haven’t been drinking Sprite Zero like I thought I was. I’ve been drinking regular old Sprite. I race to dump out the rest (still don’t understand the urgency to throw it away) and about 4 drops laugh as me as they go down the drain. I check my blood, 350 and shooting up, take a correction and drink an enormous cup of water.

I wish I could say this is the first time something like this has happened to me. I guess I’m so used to having only diet coke in my house or…. hitting the sprite zero button and assuming that that’s what I’m getting, that I don’t fully read what the coke can says.

Trick me once…



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